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Posté par le Nov 7, 2014 dans Anglais, Diaporama

Penfriends from Louisiana!

Penfriends from Louisiana!

"This project,  it's great. I like this project for many reasons:

Number 1) I never had American penfriends, for me this is amazing!

Number 2) I have the possibility to talk to American with the letters.

Number 3) This project is an advantage for us because we can  improve in

English mostly in writing.

I expect of my pen friend to talk to me about her;  we can create a


Ophélie, 3ème F

"I think having a penfriends is something good for the speaking of a foreign language; it
helps us improve.

The penfriends discover our way of life; it is like a travel.
This improves our social life and allows us to express a certain way , we can tell them some things
about what we are, our ways of living, working .
Have a penfriends is simply something genial"

Raphaël, 3ème F

I think to have penfriends in Louisiana is a great idea and is very interesting because no many persons have the chance to do that ,and also, because of that , we can improve our english. It's a thing new for me because i've never do that . I hope we corresponding long time with them .


Rébecca, 3èmeE


I think sending letters in English is great and very boring. We can learn a lot things, their lives, their habits and their daily.

It’s a good experience and good training in writing but also to be confident. I would have liked to meet them in real life but it’s great. Thank you to misses Lantin.


Mathieu, 3èmeF

I think  having a penfriends is "SIMPLY AMAZING" because when you've got American penpal you never sleep, you do not believe, you just dream. I never thought to speak one day with an American. It creates bonds between us all. Talking with different people, discovering their culture, their way of life in the USA and just their personality . I love that . It's just "AWESOME" .


Fani, 3ème F