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Posté par le Avr 19, 2015 dans Anglais, Diaporama, Evènements

Zulu Poets at school.

Zulu Poets at school.

We had the honour to welcome two poets from South Africa at school last week. 

King and Mbijana, two Zulu poets, singers and writers came to talk to us for two hours. 

We discussed racial issues, we shared and talked about roots, cultures, writing.

Multiculturality and knowing who we are were at the heart of our conversation.

King's message to our students : "Know who you are, don't forget the past. Always try. When you try, you cannot be seen as a looser because you've tried."



They give their opinion!

Les élèves disent ce qu'ils en ont pensé!

"So to start we started working on the theme of apartheid with two poems that spoke of the privileges that were not right and for the second, it denounced things ; we learnt that during apartheid many were arrested. And announcing that there would be a meeting with 2 young Zulu poets I was more than delighted and at this meeting, because of my shyness I was so impressed by them!
Their personalities, their voices, songs, poems, stories, all touched me! I was captivated by them, I felt something beautiful in their presence, I even shed a few tears as they sang, they were the messages get through all this affect me greatly and veniat me right at heart!
Anyway I appreciated to spend two hours with them, it was a very good meeting and I hope that other students of the college Deux Canons can live this new experience!"
Ophélie, 3ème F

"The visit of Zulu poets was very interesting.
I love the culture of South Africa ! It reminds me my holiday with my family in South Africa.
It's very beautiful and very different.
The poets had a nice voice and sang very well. "

Rébecca, 3èmeE

"I don't know really what I felt when i saw them. As a matter of fact this was the first time I've seen African artist and we can say it was amazing ! In the time of a meeting, I learned many things; things about life, the passion that a people can have on music and all this thanks to them . And finally, this little sentence that I will remember all my life : "If you don't try, you are a looser" . Thank you Mrs Lantin for letting us to discover this unimaginable meeting. "

Fani, 3èmeF

" I think the meeting with the Zulu poets (King and Mbijana) was very interesting and powerful for discovering a new land, some new languages, a new cultur and new types of poems. The poets made us listening to their poems and they expressed them by singing and playing some guitar. There are many other ways to express our poetry in South Africa. Their purpose in their poetry is to make us think about our actions everyday. For example they explained us in a song that we’ll never lose anything if we want to try something in our life. They are both speaking Zulu who is one of the languages we can find in South Africa. So, we learned some new words in Zulu and I think this is really important to know a bit of informations about their country who is very famous throughout the world. We gave us some informations too about our cultur and our type of traditional music which is « Maloya ». This was a good moment to share some informations from South Africa and from Reunion Island. "

Valentin, 3èmeF

"When poets zoulu came to the colleges I learned a lot about the cultures including.I enjoyed that they played music for us and that they tried to talk our language although this is difficult."

Mayeul, 3ème E

"I think that this meeting with zulu poet was exceptionnal because their spirit is most probably big and their wisdom too. Their voices and their advice are look like anchor that stay in our heart ."

Sophie, 3èmeE

"I find Zulu poets very friendly. The musical sound was very pleasandt to listen. The poets played very nice guitar and their voices are very nice. I liked meeting the Zulu poets."

Mathieu, 3ème E

"I met two poets / musicians on Monday, April 13th. They came from South Africa. It was a good experience and a possibility for me to improve my English. I spoke with them. They told us their history in South Africa, which village they come from, what kid of music they play, etc. They are Zulu Poets. We heard their songs, they were amazing ! They have a nice voice. There was a song, in which the lyrics were "You will never lose if you try". This song aroused me emotions. It was a very important lesson for me to meet these poets. They learnt us that we have to hope and try. "

Ary, 3èmeE

  • Mbijana singing
  • Sharing about the importance of roots

- L'enregistrement des deux poètes musiciens sud-africains, King et Mbijana, au collège (13/04/2015):

King & Mbijana.